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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated November 1, 2014

It started out so simple. You had a list of your leads, suppliers, employees, and casual contacts, and you likely could remember everyone by name. Those days are long gone. That's why you wanted a CRM—you needed something to simplify things and help you keep track of your growing list of contacts, leads, suppliers, and more.

The problem is, most CRMs just turn those contacts into an ever-expanding list that's almost just as hard to navigate as your old address book. You need something to simplify the mess, while giving you the power to still manage an increasing number of contacts.

There's plenty of ways to tackle that, from graphical overviews to customized views, lists, and search. PipelineDeals features a neat twist on that last option—search—with a real language filtering system that makes it easy to find just the contacts you need to get in touch with.

Along the top of your leads, contacts, and other pages, you'll see a sentence like "Show all deals owned by all users in any stage closing any time." Each of those italicized words will actually be blue links in PipelineDeals that open a drop-down with quick options you can select to fill in the sentence as you want. You'll quickly find the open deals you own in the intermediate stage expected to close next week, without having to make an advanced custom search. It's an ingenious way to sort through the mess without any fuss.

There's more to PipelineDeals than just simple sorting, though. You'll also find rich 3D charts that give you a quick glance at how your sales efforts are performing, along with a daily email that shows your progress and what you'll need to do today. The internal notes you can add to a contacts go further than they do in most CRMs, with comments and notifications to your team members that make it more like a social network for collaborating on your sales work. And when you attach an email message to a lead, it'll pick up related attachments and show them as files right inside your CRM.

There's also a neat tool to help you standardize your communications with new contacts. You can add a standard set of tasks, meetings, and messages each new contact will need, and the amount of time needed between each one. PipelineDeals will add those to each new lead so you'll know what to do next.

The most important thing is that you're meeting your sales goals and working together more efficiently as a team. That's why PipelineDeals includes simple tools to share data with everyone, so all of your important documents and communications about a deal are in one place that's accessible to everyone who needs it. There's permissions to separate users into teams, so everyone will see just want they need to see and more private info can be kept secure. You can also set goals for your team or yourself individually to know you'll meet them, and see their progress on the dashboard automatically.

PipelineDeals might look like a run-of-the-mill CRM on the cover, but its simple sorting tools make it an especially interesting CRM to help you cut through the mess and find what you need, when you need it.

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PipelineDeals Features

  • See everything about your sales in the front dashboard
  • Real-language filter tool to quickly find what you want
  • Customize activities to track everything your team does
  • Set goals to keep your team motivated
  • iOS and Android apps

PipelineDeals Pricing

  • $24/user/month

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