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How to Get Started with OpenERP

First thing you'll need to do is add an OpenERP to Zapier, you can do this in the course of creating a zap!


Then you'll want to fill out all the information needed to connect to your OpenERP account:


To find your Base URL, if you login to OpenERP, you should see something like https://erp.mycompany.com/#menu_id=108&action=101 in your address bar:


But be sure to use https://erp.mycompany.com as your Base URL! Don't leave all that other stuff on it.

A few things other things to consider:

  • Use the same username/password you use to login. You can also create a brand new Zapier only user if you need extra security!
  • Your ERP instance must be available from the wider internet (not just from your company/enterprise intranet).
  • We don't support https://mycompany.odoo.com accounts yet! Contact us if you have an account like that!

After that, you should see the completed and successful test!


Just continue setting up your zap!

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