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Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated January 16, 2015
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Transactional email services are typically solely focused on helping you send emails via SMTP or their API, perhaps with an online dashboard to view your stats and delivery rates. Not all, though. Mailjet is an app that combines transactional email sending and template-based email marketing in one app, with a consultation service included to help you make the most of your email marketing.

If you need a powerful way to send emails, Mailjet's RESTful API and SMTP server are a perfect way to integrate with your apps. You'll find libraries to simply add Mailjet support to your app in a number of languages, including Ruby, Python, and PHP, along with integrations with popular apps like WordPress, Magento, and more. And there's 24 hour support if you get stuck.

Sending emails via CURL or code are great ways to send your app's transactional emails, but they might not be so great for your marketing team to send out your email newsletters, event announcements and more. Instead of having to build an email interface for the rest of you team to use, Mailjet includes the marketing tools you need to send the rest of your emails right along with your transactional messages.

There's an email template designer along with the option to upload your own templates, and tools to segment your lists and personalize emails with your contact data. Then, there's A/X testing that lets you test up to 10 versions of your email before sending the best version to the rest of your list, along with a campaign comparison tool that will show you the results of this campaign versus your previous campaigns.

You can manage your email lists, templates, and stats all inside Mailjet's interface, but then it's up to you how you want to send your emails. You can start sending a newsletter to your entire list via your app's API integration, using just a bit of code to launch an entire formatted email campaign to your entire list. Or, you can create a campaign and send it right from Mailjet's UI.

Mailjet's pricing is comparable to many transactional email services, but with the added features of an online template system, list management and more. You can save around 25% per month if you forego Mailjet's A/X testing, campaign comparisons, and list segmentations—but if you want to get the most out of your email marketing, they may be worthy additions to your account. And, of course, there's the consultation services that can help take your email marketing even further.

If you're not quite sure if you want to jump the entire way in with a transactional email service and write the code for all of your emails—or would just like a tool that lets everyone in your team send emails, from developers to marketing—Mailjet is a great transactional email service to consider. It's an equally great email service to use with your own code or with its rich editor.

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Mailjet Features

  • Send transactional and marketing emails from same account
  • SMTP access or REST API for sending messages
  • Email personalization and newsletter templates
  • A/X testing to find the best variants of your messages
  • Realtime stats on opens, clicks and more
  • Consulting services to audit your emails and improve your marketing

Mailjet Pricing

  • Free for sending up to 6k emails
  • $9.95/month Bronze Premium plan for sending up to 30k emails with basic features
  • $31.95/month Crystal Premium plan for sending up to 60k emails with basic features
  • $97.49/month Silver Premium plan for sending up to 150k emails with full features
  • $259.95/month Gold Premium plan for sending up to 350k emails
  • $519.95/month Platinum Premium plan for sending up to 750k emails

Price quoted is for Premium plans; Basic plans without segmentation, A/X testing, and campaign comparison are around 25% cheaper

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