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What LiquidPlanner Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New or Changed Comment - A comment has been created or updated in your workspace.
  • New or Changed Document - A document has been created or updated in your workspace.
  • New or Changed Task - A new task has been created in your workspace!
  • New or Changed Package - Triggered when a package is created or updated in LP.
  • New or Changed Project - A project has been created or updated in your workspace.
  • New or Changed Client - This trigger will fire when a task is created or updated in your workspace.

Supported Actions#

  • Create a Project - Create a new project.
  • Create an Event - Create a full day event.
  • Add a Comment to an Item - Add a comment to an item.
  • Create Dependency - Create a Dependency between two items.
  • Create a Package - Create a new package.
  • Send Item Move After Command - Move an item after another.
  • Update a Task - Update an existing task item.
  • Send Track Time via a Timer - Enter hours worked from a timer, update your estimate, add a comment, and restart the timer.
  • Create Checklist Item for a Task - Create a checklist item for a specific task.
  • Create a Note for an Item - Add a note to the item.
  • Update a Link - Update a specific link for an item.
  • Create an Estimate for a Task - Estimate a specific task.
  • Send Start Timer - Start a timer for a specific item.
  • Trigger Submit Timesheet - Submit a specific timesheet.
  • Update an Event - Update an event.
  • Send Track Time - Update your estimate, track hours worked, and add a comment and/or note.
  • Send Stop Timer - Stop a timer for a specific item.
  • Send Item Move Before Command - Move an item before another.
  • Update a Comment - Change a comment.
  • Update a Partial Day Event - Update a partial day event.
  • Trigger Accept Timesheet - Accept a specific timesheet.
  • Trigger Un-Accept Timesheet - Un-accept a specific timesheet.
  • Create Activity - Create a new activity for the workspace.
  • Create a Partial Day Event - Create a partial day event.
  • Update a Milestone - Update a specific milestone.
  • Create a Folder - Create a new folder.
  • Trigger Un-Submit Timesheet - Un-submit a specific timesheet.
  • Create a Task - Create a new task in Liquid Planner.
  • Update a Checklist Item - Update a checklist item.
  • Create a Milestone - Create a new milestone.
  • Send Clear Timer - Clear the timer for a specific item.
  • Create a Link for an Item - Add a link to an item.
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How to Get Started with LiquidPlanner on Zapier

To get started with LiquidPlanner, first click to add a LiquidPlanner account in your Zap.

Click to add a LiquidPlanner account

Next, you'll name this LiquidPlanner account and type in the email address and password of your LiquidPlanner account.

Name the LiquidPlanner account inside Zapier

After entering your your email and password, we'll do an account test to make sure your credentials were valid, and if the zap says your "Account is Working", then you're all set!

Your LiquidPlanner account is authorized

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Common Problems with LiquidPlanner

Error: You do not have sufficient permission to manage webhooks#

Only a workspace owner or co-owner can configure webhooks ( If you're not a workspace owner or co-owner, you'll need to get your Liquid Planner permissions updated:

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