When this happens...
LeadberryNew Lead

Save time on prospecting and automating your entire sales process. Use this Zap to automatically add new Leadberry leads to Mailshake as recipients. Now you can get fresh leads from your website visitors with Leadberry, then automate prospecting emails with Mailshake.

Note: filter your leads based on your criteria in Leadberry so Mailshake only sends emails to your best quality leads.

How Leadberry - Mailshake integration works

  1. New lead turns up in Leadberry.
  2. Zapier adds a single recipient to a campaign in Mailshake

Apps involved

  • Leadberry
  • Mailshake

Why Zapier?


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It's easy to connect Leadberry + Mailshake and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Reply

Triggers when a recipient replies to one of your messages.

Unsubscribe Recipients

Unsubscribes one or more recipients from all current and future campaigns for your team.

New Open

Triggers when a recipient opens an email.

Add Recipient by Email Address

Adds a single recipient to a campaign. NOTE: This can cause emails to immediately be sent.

New Click

Triggers when a recipient clicks on a link.

Create Leads

Creates leads from existing recipients that match the given email addresses.

New Lead

Triggers when a new lead is added (data refreshes every 4 hours).

Pause/Unpause Recipient

Pauses or unpauses a recipient from receiving pending emails. WARNING: When unpausing, this may cause emails to be sent immediately.

New Message Sent

Triggers when an email is sent to a recipient from one of the campaign sequence messages.

Update Lead Status

Updates lead status to Won, Lost, Ignored, or Reopened.

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Leadberry is a lead generation platform that converts website visitors to sales leads.

Mailshake is a simple outreach tool that works with any Google account.

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