Mailshake Integrations

  • Track Mailshake campaign opens in Google Sheets

    Want to track how many recipients are opening emails from your campaign? Once set up, this integration will automatically add customer information to a new row on a Google Sheets spreadsheet when an email is opened from a Mailshake campaign.

    How this Mailshake-Google Sheets integration works

    1. A recipient opens one of your Mailshake emails
    2. Zapier adds that recipient to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Apps involved

    • Mailshake
    • Google Sheets
  • Post Slack messages when links are clicked from Mailshake campaigns

    Looking to boost morale for your team? Add some good vibes to Slack when people click on an important link in an email sent through any of your Mailshake campaigns. You can use it to inform your team when people are considering signing up, subscribing to your newsletter, etc.

    Note: You can limit this to specific links instead of reacting to every single click.

    How this Mailshake-Slack integration works

    1. Someone clicks a link in a Mailshake campaign
    2. Zapier posts a message to Slack

    Apps involved

    • Mailshake
    • Slack
  • Unsubscribe Mailshake recipients based on custom phrases from Gmail emails

    When someone replies to emails sent via Mailshake with common "unsubscribe" phrases, they are added to your unsubscribe list by default. Use this integration to automatically add custom phrases that aren't caught in Mailshake. This is a great way to support other languages that Mailshake doesn't yet recognize.

    How this Gmail-Mailshake integration works

    1. A new email comes in matching your custom unsubscribe phrase
    2. Zapier unsubscribes them from Mailshake

    Apps involved

    • Gmail
    • Mailshake
  • Add recipients to Mailshake campaigns from Google Form responses

    A really common use-case for Google Forms is to collect email addresses. Ever wanted to send follow-up emails when a new response is received? With this Zapier integration, any time a new Google Form response is submitted, the email address will be automatically added to a Mailshake campaign.

    How this Google Forms-Mailshake integration works

    1. Someone submits a Google Form entry
    2. Zapier adds a recipient to a Mailshake campaign

    Apps involved

    • Google Forms
    • Mailshake
  • Send Mailshake leads to Pipedrive

    You can determine how leads are classified in Mailshake. When the Mailshake lead catcher finds a lead, you can create or update your deal in Pipedrive to move it to the right stage.

    Note: The default title deal in Pipedrive will be the Mailshake recipient name. The integration also assumes you're using the default Pipedrive statuses and stages.

    How this Mailshake-Pipedrive integration works

    1. Mailshake catches a lead from one of your recipients
    2. Zapier updates or creates the deal for this recipient in Pipedrive

    Apps involved

    • Mailshake
    • Pipedrive

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Mailshake Integration Details

Launched on Zapier April 18, 2017 · 320 active users

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Reply") and Actions (like "Unsubscribe Recipients") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Mailshake Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Reply

Triggers when a recipient replies to one of your messages.

New Open

Triggers when a recipient opens an email.

New Click

Triggers when a recipient clicks on a link.

New Message Sent

Triggers when an email is sent to a recipient from one of the campaign sequence messages.

New Lead

Triggers when a lead is created.

Unsubscribe Recipients

Unsubscribes one or more recipients from all current and future campaigns for your team.

Add Recipient

Adds a single recipient to a campaign. NOTE: This can cause emails to immediately be sent. If this recipient already exists, Mailshake will just smile and nod.

Pause Recipient

Puts a temporarily hold on all pending emails to this recipient.

Unpause Recipient

Removes a temporarily hold on pending emails to this recipient. WARNING: This may cause emails to be sent immediately.

Add Recipients

Adds a list of recipients to a campaign without text replacements (other than name fields). NOTE: This can cause emails to immediately be sent. If recipients already exist, Mailshake will just smile and nod.

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