Create dones on I Done This for your Tweets

Tweet so much that you forget what you posted by the end of the day? Save yourself the effort of going through your stream to check for your daily wrap-ups and use this Twitter I Done This integration instead. After you set it up, the connection between your Twitter account and I Done This will be completely automated, creating a new done for every new tweet you post from then on. So go ahead and keep broadcasting those thoughts and announcements—we'll make sure to capture every word you say.

How It Works

  1. A new tweet is posted by your Twitter account
  2. Zapier automatically adds a done to I Done This

What You Need

  • Twitter account
  • I Done This account
Create dones on I Done This for your Tweets
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Twitter is the social network that shows what's happening around the world in real time. Share your ideas in Tweets, follow hashtags to keep up with trends, and join in the global conversation.

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I Done This makes it easy to track and celebrate the progress that you and your colleagues make at work every day. We email you at day's end and ask, "What'd you get done today?" Just reply. The next morning, you'll get a digest that shows your team's accomplishments from yesterday. Start a conversation and share your thanks.

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