Create meetings on GoToMeeting for new webhook data

If planning the meetings that come in through your webhook pipeline is more of a bottleneck than you'd like, we suggest incorporating this Zap into your workflow. Once you do, every new payload caught by the provided webhook URL will add a new meeting to your GoToMeeting schedule automatically, making the entire process a reliable and worry-free way to keep up with your schedule.

How It Works

  1. A new payload is caught by a webhook URL
  2. Zapier automatically creates a new meeting on GoToMeeting

What You Need

  • GoToMeeting account
Create meetings on GoToMeeting for new webhook data
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Webhooks simply POST data (or JSON) to a specific URL every time we see something new. Webhooks can also accept data (or JSON) to kick off a workflow in Zapier.

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GoToMeeting is a world class video conference software that makes it easier than ever to do business effectively even if you aren't in the same room.

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