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If you like to favorite tweets, then this integration will allow you to automatically detect the topics those tweets are about and keep track of them in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This will allow you to build an archive of relevant tweets with an associated list of topics. For example, if you train a BigML model to detect which product of yours is mentioned in a tweet, or which product category, by favoriting all those tweets you can build a list of relevant tweets automatically classified by product or product category. As an additional example, you might want to classify your favorite tweets based on their topic being about music, movies, TV-series, etc.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't include a ready-to-use Topic Modelling model. You are expected to train one from your own data.

How this Twitter-BigML-Google Sheets integration works

  1. Zapier watches your Twitter account for favorited Tweets
  2. Whenever you favorite a new Tweet, Zapier will use BigML to detect the topic distribution of that Tweet
  3. Zapier will store the list of topics the Tweet is about in Google Sheets

Apps involved

  • Twitter
  • BigML
  • Google Sheets

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