Create Splitwise expenses for new Google Sheets rows

Need to use the information on a Google Sheet to create expenses? With the help of Zapier, this can be done automatically. Once a new row is added to Google Sheets, Zapier will trigger the expense to be automatically created in Splitwise.

How this Google Sheets-Splitwise integration works

  1. A new row is added in Google Sheets
  2. Zapier creates an expense in Splitwise

Apps involved

  • Google Sheets
  • Splitwise
Create Splitwise expenses for new Google Sheets rows
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Google Sheets is the new Google Spreadsheets software. Google Sheets is available on all your devices and has all the features you come to expect from spreadsheet software. Sheets also allows you to collaborate with others in real time.

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Splitwise is an app for splitting bills and expenses with friends.

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