Add new LinkedIn Lead Gen Form leads to Excel as rows

Hundreds of new leads is a magnificent thing, unless they're unorganized, in which case they're useless. Keep beautiful and up-to-date databases without lifting a finger. With this Zapier integration, whenever a new lead is generated from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms their information is passed to Excel where you can mine for trends, pass additional information or simply keep a backup of new prospects. Best part of all of this? It's done on auto-pilot.

How this LinkedIn Lead Gen Form-Excel integration works

  1. A new lead is captured by one of your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  2. Zapier automatically creates a new row in Excel with new lead information

Apps involved

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • Excel
Add new LinkedIn Lead Gen Form leads to Excel as rows
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LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms allow marketers to collect even more quality leads from their ads on LinkedIn with seamless pre-filled forms.

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Microsoft's Excel is a spreadsheet application used by millions of users across the world. It is part of the Office ecosystem and is considered the industry standard for spreadsheets.

Only files on OneDrive for Business (available with Office 365 and Sharepoint server) are supported at this time with Zapier.

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