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Create a new note in Evernote when an Outlook meeting is scheduled

A clear agenda helps a meeting run smoothly, but remembering to create one can be a pain. Happily, you can automate the process, automatically creating a note in Evernote every time a calendar appointment is created in Outlook. We'll be using Zapier to set up this automation, so go ahead...

Justin Pot

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  • Create Trello cards from new Evernote notes

    Evernote + Trello

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  • Create Google Calendar events (quick add events) from Evernote reminders

    Evernote + Google Calendar

  • Create new Google Calendar events (detailed events) from new Evernote reminders

    Evernote + Google Calendar

  • Create Asana tasks via Evernote

    Evernote + Asana

  • Create Todoist tasks from new Evernote reminders

    Evernote + Todoist

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