Save Your Favorited Tweets to Evernote

You've seen something witty, inspiring, or funny on Twitter, and so you favorited it. Or perhaps you're tracking mentions of a certain topic, and are favoriting those Tweets to make sure you never lose them. Now you can do even better: this Zapier integration will automatically save all of your favorited Tweets to one Evernote note so you'll have the best of Twitter in one place.

How it Works

Zapier watches your Twitter account for favorited Tweets. Whenever you favorite a new Tweet, Zapier will copy the info from the Tweet and save it to the end of the Evernote note you specify.

What You Need

  1. A Twitter account with favorited Tweets
  2. An Evernote account

Got that? Then let's get started.

Save Your Favorited Tweets to Evernote
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