Log new Envoy pre-registrations to Google Sheets

Envoy pre-registration streamlines visitor sign-in, and gives your team a heads up on who's going to be visiting. You can currently only view existing pre-registrations on the Envoy web dashboard, so this Zap is super helpful to capture all of your Envoy pre-registration data in one spreadsheet. After setting up this Envoy-Google Sheets interaction, the data from each pre-registration will automatically be logged as a new row on the spreadsheet.

Note: This Zapier integration does not log prior pre-registration history. It only logs new pre-registrations after you’ve set up the integration.

How It Works

  1. A visitor is pre-registered with Envoy
  2. Zapier creates a new row in Google Sheets spreadsheet

What You Need

  • Envoy account
  • Google sheets account
  • A Google Sheets spreadsheet set up with a column for each pre-registration field
Log new Envoy pre-registrations to Google Sheets
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Envoy is a fully customizable iPad app that replaces your visitor sign-in book. We provide seamless visitor management, from pre-registration and host notifications, to NDA signing and secure cloud-based data storage.

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Google Sheets is the new Google Spreadsheets software. Google Sheets is available on all your devices and has all the features you come to expect from spreadsheet software. Sheets also allows you to collaborate with others in real time.

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