Add Emma subscribers for new Zoho CRM leads

Maintaining contact with your leads is vital when trying to generate sales. Zoho CRM is great at keeping track of potential clients, but a dedicated mailing platform is far better suited to delivering pitches or news. With this Zapier integration, anyone you add as a lead in Zoho CRM will be added to your Emma mailing list, saving you a lot of time.

How It Works

  1. You save a new lead in Zoho CRM
  2. That person is added to Emma as a subscriber

What You Need

  • Zoho CRM account
  • Emma account
Add Emma subscribers for new Zoho CRM leads
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Zoho makes it easy to get the complete picture of your sales cycle and stay on top of your business opportunities. Never lose another lead again.

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Grow your business with smart, stylish email marketing campaigns from Emma.

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