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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 19, 2016

Starting a store doesn't mean you need a new website. Say you already have a blog with a wide following, and want to start selling products as well. Or maybe you have a popular Facebook Page, and want those followers to see your products.

Instead of building a separate store, you could build a store that fits right into those existing sites and pages. That's what Ecwid offers with its online store builder. You add your products and manage orders just like you would in a normal store builder, but you don't need to worry about designing your store itself. Instead, you'll just install Ecwid into your Facebook Page or add its embed code to your blog or website, and let your store blend right in with your existing content.

You'll start out by creating a new Ecwid account, which you could do with your Facebook, Google, or PayPal account so you don't have to manage yet another account. You can even start your store for free, if you have ten or fewer products to sale.

You don't need to worry about how your store looks—so there's no time wasted in choosing a store theme or customizing it to fit your style. Instead, you can focus on adding your product listings and organizing them into categories that will be easy for your customers to find. Ecwid can also handle sales tax and automatic shipping price calculation, so your customers will know exactly what to expect at checkout.

Then, you can add your store to your site. The steps will vary depending on where you want your store to show up. For Facebook, you'll connect your Facebook account to Ecwid, select the page where you want your store, and Ecwid will add your new products to that page. With a WordPress or Joomla site, you can install the Ecwid plugin so your store will be deeply integrated with your site. And, using the Chameleon skin, Ecwid will make make your product listings fit your site's theme automatically. Or, on any other site, you can add the Ecwid embed code to add a store to any page as easily as embedding a YouTube video.

On Facebook, Joomla, or WordPress, you'll have some options over what you want to show in your store. On any other site, you can choose the embed code to show your products, categories, shopping cart, and search box wherever you'd like. Those will fit in with your site with a bit of Ecwid's style by default—and if you want, you can add custom CSS to your store to match your own branding a bit better. And, if you want to sell in more than one place, you can do that as well, installing Ecwid both on your blog and on Facebook. You can even get a mobile app with your products on Ecwid's top plan, or can take orders in person with its point-of-sales system.

Ecwid's shopping experience fits in well with social network and blogs. Customers can browse through your products, using categories and search to find what they want, and drag-and-drop products into their cart. Or, they can favorite products to come back and purchase later. And if you're selling to a global audience, you can customize your store with over 40 supported languages, and use a wide variety of payment providers to accept credit cards from your customers no matter where they live.

It'll then be time to handle your orders, which you'll do back at Ecwid's website—or its mobile apps. You'll see a list of your orders and their info, and can quickly mark orders as shipped, add tracking info, or send invoices to your customers. And, you can see a full list of your customers and manage them in groups for followup marketing.

Ecwid gives you everything you need to build a full store inside your existing sites, and still effectively manage orders, customers, and more. It's a great way to quickly start selling products online without having to start over fresh with a brand new website.

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Ecwid Features

  • Create a store and embed it in your existing blog, site, or social media profile, or create your own site with Starter Site or a mobile app with ShopApp
  • Organize products into categories and include product options for size, color, and more
  • Calculate tax and shipping fees automatically
  • Tweak your store's design with custom CSS
  • Customize your store with Ecwid's 45 supported languages
  • Let users mark products as favorite to purchase later easily
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified to keep your store secure
  • iOS and Android apps available

Ecwid Pricing

  • Free for an online and Facebook store with up to 10 products and core features
  • $15/month Venture plan for 100 products, mobile app, inventory management, marketing tools, and App Market access
  • $35/month Business plan for 2.5k products, marketplaces support, manual orders, phone support, and integration with eBay and Google Shopping
  • $99/month Unlimited plan for unlimited products and features including customized mobile store app, Square point-of-sales integration, and priority support

Discounted annual plans available

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Ecwid is a cloud online store builder which lets you instantly launch an online store on any website, Facebook page, or multiple sites simultaneously.

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