Amazon DynamoDB + FraudLabs Pro

Avoid fraudulent orders in your Amazon DynamoDB with the help of FraudLabs Pro

  1. When this happens

    Step 1: New Item

  2. Then do this

    Step 2: Screen Order

Are you using Amazon DynamoDB to store order information? Once set up, this integration will scan all orders in your Amazon DynamoDB using FraudLabs Pro the moment your order comes in.

Note: This Zapier integration screens a few important bits like customer name, address, IP address and order amount.

How this DynamoDB-FraudLabs Pro integration works

  1. An order comes into your Amazon DynamoDB
  2. FraudLabs Pro then gets sent the order details to check for fraud

Apps involved

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • FraudLabs Pro

Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
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About Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon's DynamoDB is a fast NoSQL database service. It is fully managed, simple and cost-effective. It can store and retrieve any amount of data and serve any level of request traffic.
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About FraudLabs Pro

FraudLabs Pro helps merchants to protect their online stores from payment frauds.

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