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Perhaps its best feature is that it’s first and foremost a Mac and iOS app, for native features and a smooth interface. It can import your contacts from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and works even when you don't have an internet connection. It then also has a web API for many of the benefits of a web app, including integrations with your other apps.

Daylite works by linking your contacts, leads, and projects together all in one place. Most CRMs do something similar, but they struggle to make it all come together as well as Daylite. In Daylite, every piece of information can be “linked.”

You can link projects to people or clients, and vice versa. So if you know that you owe George eight different projects, and want to see them all in one place, you can just select George and see all his linked projects in one place. And if you need to see everybody who’s involved in a project, you can similarly select the project and see all the linked organizations and people involved. It’s an easy way to track projects and people.

You can also add tasks and projects to Daylite, and link them to people and projects. And if you work with a team, you can assign the projects and tasks to other people on your team. It shows up in their Daylite app automatically, so they’ll see it even if they’re on the go with their iPhone.

All this means that it’s easy to use Daylite with a team. Everybody can easily add projects (and “opportunities”), tasks, and potential and existing clients. Having the app on the iPhone makes everything even easier.

As emails come in, everything gets tracked and messages get “linked” to the proper clients and contracts. If you’re on a Mac, you can be specific about where each email should go. Using Daylite’s additional (free) mail monitoring add-on for Apple Mail, you can manually add messages to specific projects and specific clients. It’s all in service of making it even easier to organize your information.

The benefit of storing all these emails, phone calls, notes, and tasks in one centralized place is that anybody on your team can see it in the shared account. Plan on going on vacation? Somebody else can take over. All the information is right there.

And finally, because there’s a web backend, you can sync all this information with Billings Pro, Marketcircle’s companion app for invoicing clients and sending estimates. The two apps work together perfectly, and they’re meant to co-exist. If you’re looking for a CRM and an invoicing app that work together perfectly, Marketcircle’s apps might be the best option available.

On its own, though, Daylite doesn’t do a lot that other CRMs don’t do. None of these features are particularly new. But Daylite is a native app for Mac and iOS. Most CRMs make you either use the web browser (on a desktop, for example), or an “app” that’s actually just a web wrapper (like on a phone). Daylite doesn’t do this.

Daylite is an all-native app with a true web backend. Because it has the web backend and API, you’re able to connect Daylite with your favourite web apps using Zapier. And all your data is stored in the cloud, so it’s not lost when you migrate from one machine to another. (And you don’t need to worry about keeping backups.)

Because it straddles both worlds, Daylite is the CRM to consider if you’d rather not use a web app, or if you want to get the best native app features from your device while still sharing data with your team. It’s a simple way to keep everything you need to do and everyone you need to stay in touch with in one place.

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