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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 6, 2019

Address books haven't changed much from the original Rolodex. Sure, your phone or email app's address book can store a nearly unlimited number of contacts, sync with other apps, and pull contact photos from social networks.

But it's far from smart. Your address book likely won't know when your contact's email address changes, and it won't automatically find their blogs and job info. And it requires you to type in every new contact's info by hand.

Contacts+, on the other hand, does everything you'd expect a truly modern rolodex to do. It's a contact manager. It syncs your contacts from iCloud, Office 365, and G Suite, adds in your social contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, AngelList, and more, then removes duplicates, combines info, and syncs everything back to your original address books. In a few minutes with Contacts+, you can make sure your phone and Gmail account all have the same contact info, along with each of the contacts you interact with online and never thought to add to your address book.

Then, Contacts+ will go out on its own and make sure your address book is filled with the most up-to-date info possible. It searches for info about your contact: blogs and websites they've written for, their current employer and position, where they live, and more. Open Contacts+ to look up a contact, and you'll see how many updates its found, then can choose which ones you want to apply to your contact. Or, if you're a developer, you can use Contacts+'s API to build your own contact apps powered by Contacts+'s tools to find more info about people based on their email address.

Getting an up-to-date look at your contacts is helpful, but you'll still need to remember to add new contacts if you want to easily email them. Contacts+ can help here, too, by watching your email inbox for new contact info in email signatures. Or, if you're at a conference and want to turn business cards from new people you've met into online contacts, Contacts+'s app includes a scanner tool that lets you snap your business cards and get them transcribed automatically.

Contacts+ then includes some basic CRM tools to help you manage your relationships. You can organize contacts with tags, or add notes about your interactions with them. Install the Gmail extension, and whenever you open an email, you'll see all of the contact's info on the sidebar—along with a notes box to log more info about this conversation. Contacts+ can then connect to popular CRM apps, so you can bring your detailed address book into your business and followup easily on new leads and potential customers whether you're at work or out with just your phone.

With a Team plan, you can extend those tags to your whole company. Contacts+ lets you share contacts, tags, and notes to make sure everyone in your company has the details they need whenever they need to get in touch with someone.

If you need a simpler way to manage your contacts, and a smart address book that makes sure you know as much as possible about every contact in your life, Contacts+ is the app you need. It'll make sure those contacts floating around in your inbox and wallet turn into real connections—ones you'll always know the most up-to-date info about.

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Contacts+ Features

  • Sync all of your contacts together into one list from G Suite, iCloud, Office 365, and Exchange accounts
  • Scan business cards and email signatures, and import contact info automatically
  • Enrich your contact database with demographics including gender, age, photos, social URLs and more
  • Lookup contact info in Gmail
  • Share contacts and organize with group tags and notes with Team plan
  • iOS, Android, and Mac apps available, along with Gmail plugin

Contacts+ Pricing

  • Free Basic plan to sync up to 1,000 contacts with 1 account, de-duplicate contacts, and scan up to 10 business cards.
  • $8.33/month (paid annually) for the Premium plan to sync up to 25,000 contacts with 5 accounts, and scan up to 1,000 business cards per year.
  • Starting at $12.99/user/month (paid annually) for the Team & Small Businesses plan to share contacts with your team and sync customer data with 150+ SaaS apps (Small Business only).

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