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What Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Email - Triggers when a new incoming Email is created or an outgoing Email is sent.
  • New Lead in Status - Triggers when a lead enters a new status. Optionally trigger when a lead is created in a status.
  • New Event - Triggers when a new event is created.
  • New Export - Triggers when a new Export is created or completed.
  • New Call Recording - Triggers when a new call recording or voicemail is added to Close.
  • New Opportunity in Status - Triggers when an opportunity enters a new status. Optionally trigger when an opportunity is created in a status.
  • New Lead in Search Query / Smart View - Triggers when a new lead is added to a search query or Smart View.
  • New Task - Triggers when a new task is created or completed.
  • New Note - Triggers when a new Note is created.
  • New Inbox Item - Triggers when a new item appears in your Close inbox.
  • New Contact - Triggers when a new contact is created.
  • New Call - Triggers when a new Call is created or completed.
  • New Membership Added or Removed - Triggers when a new membership is added to or removed from your Close organization.
  • New Lead - Triggers when a new lead is created.
  • New SMS - Triggers when a new inbound SMS is created or an outbound SMS is sent.
  • New Opportunity - Triggers when a new opportunity is added.
  • New or Updated Email Sequence Subscription - Triggers when a contact is subscribed to an email sequence, when an email sequence subscription is paused, or when an email sequence subscription is finished.

Supported Actions#

  • Run Sent Email Report - Runs a sent email report for your organization.
  • Create Invite - Invites a user to join your Close organization.
  • Update Call - Updates an existing Call.
  • Create Smart View - Creates a new Smart View.
  • Create Opportunity - Creates a new opportunity.
  • Update Task - Updates an existing Task.
  • Create Call - Creates a new call.
  • Create Note - Creates a new note.
  • Create Email - Creates a new email.
  • Update Smart View - Updates an existing Smart View.
  • Update Opportunity - Updates an existing Opportunity.
  • Delete Email Address From Contact - Deletes a single email address from an existing contact.
  • Select Random User - Select a random user from your organization.
  • Run Opportunity Report - Runs an opportunity report for your organization. This report will return the data that you see at the top of the "Opportunities" page in
  • Update Lead - Updates an existing Lead.
  • Subscribe Contact to Email Sequence - Subscribes a contact to an email sequence.
  • Create Lead - Creates a new lead (with line items support).
  • Delete Email - Delete an email on a lead.
  • Create SMS - Creates a new SMS.
  • Update Email Sequence Subscription - Updates an existing Email Sequence Subscription.
  • Run Status Change Report - Runs a status change report for your organization.
  • Update Note - Updates an existing Note.
  • Create Task - Creates a new Task.
  • Delete Logged Call - Delete logged call.
  • Create Bulk Sequence Subscription Action - Creates a new bulk sequence subscription action.
  • Run Activity Overview Report - Runs an activity overview report for your organization.
  • Add Address to Lead - Adds an address to a lead.
  • Create Export - Creates a new export of leads, opportunities, or contacts, based on a lead search query, that will be emailed to your email address.
  • Create Bulk Email - Creates a new bulk email.
  • Create Contact - Creates a new Contact.
  • Toggle Forwarding on Phone Number - Turn on and off call forwarding for a specific number.
  • Merge Two Leads - Merges one lead into another lead.
  • Update Contact - Updates an existing Contact.
  • Export Activity Report to CSV - Exports an activity overview or an activity comparison report to a CSV file.
  • Create Bulk Action - Creates a new bulk action. You can choose from "Update the Lead Status," "Update a Custom Field," and "Clear a Custom Field".

Supported Searches#

  • Find Opportunity - Find an existing opportunity.
  • Find Call - Find an existing call.
  • Find Number of Leads in Query - Find the total number of leads in a given query.
  • Find Email Sequence Subscription - Find an existing email sequence subscription.
  • Find Note - Find an existing note.
  • Find Task - Find an existing task.
  • Find Lead - Find an existing lead.
  • Find Contact - Finds an existing contact.
  • Find User - Find an existing Close user.
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How to Get Started with

About's Integration#

Connecting with

The first thing you'll need to do to get started with hooking up with Zapier and hundreds of other services is to add your Account to Zapier. Click to add a account in your Zap.

Connect to Zapier

Next you will give your new Account a name or label, which is just a handy name for you to recognize within Zapier. It doesn't matter what you name it.

Give your account a title

You should then log into to retrieve your API key.

Retrieve your API key

Navigate to your API key, which is located under settings > API keys. Then enter the API key into the API key field under your account title field.

Zapier tests your account

Entering your API key finishes the process! Your account is now connected to Zapier.

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Common Problems with

I want to trigger off of a completed task#

You can use the New Task trigger to do this by selecting this in the trigger set up:

Getting an "Unauthorized" Error when using the Create Lead Action# gives an "Unauthorized" error when the user doesn't have access to a particular lead ("lead_id"). This also applies to deleted leads since technically they're not accessible.

Tasks are not being added to Lead#

Make sure the due date is in a valid ISO 8601 format.

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