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How to Get Started with Clio on Zapier

When creating a new Zap, it’s easy to connect your Clio account. When prompted to choose a Clio account, you are given the option to Change the account name in Zapier. This name is meant to help you identify the accounts that you connect Zapier to.

You'll also want to select the region of Clio you normally use. Select if you normally sign in to (most users), or select if you normally sign in at

Clio 1

Next, you will have to log in with your Clio email and password if you are not already logged in to Clio.

Clio 2

Once logged in, you will be prompted to connect Clio with Zapier. Click “Yes, let’s connect” to authorize the connection.

Clio 3

Zapier will now be connected to your Clio account and you can continue creating your Zap.

Clio 4

Popular Things To Do With Clio

  • Create Gmail label from new Clio matters

    Clio + Gmail

    Try It
  • Add a tag to Evernote when you create a new Clio matter

    Clio + Evernote

  • Turn Clio Matters Into New Google Contacts

    Clio + Google Contacts

  • Add new Clio contacts to a MailChimp list


  • Create Clio matters from Google Forms responses

    Google Forms + Clio

  • Add new Evernote notes to Clio matters

    Evernote + Clio

Clio Advanced Tips

Clio Actions that Look for a Matter Number

Some Clio Actions require or give the option to add a Matter. While these Actions work easily with Clio Triggers, you can also use other app Triggers that have fields where you are able to enter the Matter number manually. For example, you can create a Zap that allows you to email to a Matter Note as long as you map the email Subject line to the Matter field in the Trigger (and you enter the appropriate Matter number in the Subject of the email).

Modifying Dates on Task and Calendar Entry Actions

When creating a Clio Task or Calendar Entry you may want to modify the “event” or “due” date in the Action. To do so, first map the Due, Start at, or End at fields to an available date option (i.e. a created or updated date; as provided by your selected Trigger app), then add a date modifier. To add a number of days, use a plus sign. To go back a number of days, use a minus sign.

Modifier Examples

+7d – seven days after the date mapped in the field.

-7d – seven days before the date mapped in the field.

Clio AT 1

Mapping First and Last Name on a Create Person Action

When creating a new Person Contact in Clio, both a first and last name are required. When setting up a Create Person Action, you will only be provided with a single Name field. This field can accommodate both the first and last names. You can map the Name field to either a single Trigger field that contains both names, or you can map to separate fields for first name and last name if supported by the Trigger application.

Name formats that will be recognized are:

FirstName LastName

LastName, FirstName

Clio AT 2

Common Problems with Clio

I don't see all my messages in Clio through Zapier

Chances are you are trying to retrieve "secure messages" which are never viewable outside of the Clio interface. Zapier cannot trigger on or work with secure messages at this time.

A Search step (e.g. Find Contact) is only returning the ID field and nothing else

This happens for users that connected their Clio account to Zapier a long time ago. To fix, reconnect the Clio account at, or create a brand new connection.

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