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Clio is designed to manage it all. It's a legal practice management software to track all of your team's documents and communications—while also letting you know when you might miss a meeting, giving you a list of today's tasks, and tracking how much your team has invoiced this month. It'll keep you on track for the tasks you need to do next, with the info about your past work all in one place.

You'll start out by adding your clients and organizing their info into matters. Each matter includes everything about that case: your client info, tasks, events, notes, communications, documents, and more. The top of the matter shows quick metrics about the case, including the time you've spent on it and the expenses you're billing the client for. And at the top of the page, you can quickly create bills, trust requests, and more for the case.

Keeping your research and communications synced to Clio is simple, too. Each matter includes its own email address, so when talking to clients you can CC Clio and have your conversations logged automatically. Clio can sync your case files from Dropbox and Google Drive as well, with automated filing rules to sort documents into the correct folders and tag them to the correct matter. It can even help you generate standard documents your firm needs to draw up for clients with your own customized templates. And when you need to pull in outside research and legal documentation, the Fastcase integration will let you pull it in from Clio.

It's not just documents and appointments; you'll also need to bill for the time you spend on cases. Clio can track the time you spend working, logging it to your clients and matters automatically. You can add expenses or extra time spent on the case, and pull it together into bills for your clients that can be paid directly via credit card from Clio. You'll then have your full case records in one place, complete with the payment info that closed the deal.

Your legal team's most important work isn't filing documents and planning meetings—it's working on your actual cases. Clio keeps all of your most important info in one place, so you can focus on that without having to worry about everything else.

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