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It starts out with your Funnels, the steps your potential customers will go through in your marketing process. Whether you're building a simple landing page or a detailed eCommerce site, everything's considered a Funnel in ClickFunnels. Just add a name to your funnel, choose from a pre-made funnel for collecting emails or selling products, or start your own funnel from scratch.

Then, you'll add a site template to the first step of your funnel. Each funnel includes at least one step—and ideally will include a number of other steps as you try to lead your site visitors through your marketing process. Say you're just making a normal landing page for an upcoming product. You'll start out with a basic site template, perhaps one with a description of your upcoming product and a promo video. And, you'll include an opt-in form where visitors can add their email address for more info. That's where the next stage of your funnel comes in, as you'll need one more page to thank the user and perhaps share extra info with them. Perhaps you're offering a free getting started guide after they signup for more info—you'd include it in this second step of your funnel.

Each funnel step uses the same template tools. You can choose from a wide range of built-in templates, or build your own. Either way, you can use the same drag-and-drop editor to move parts of the site around, customize the design, and make each page your own. Just be sure to use a similar design for each step of your funnel—otherwise, it can be confusing to contacts who go from one section to another.

Want to sell your products? ClickFunnels integrates with a wide number of payment processing services, so you can add your account and accept payments for individual products or memberships. You can tweak your page settings to use the domain and favicon you want, and include header code for your own analytics. And, you can send messages to people who fill out your form directly from ClickFunnels, or with an email integration with your favorite services.

Creating a web presence can be simple—and with ClickFunnels, you can make that web presence do everything you want all from one app. It's a great way to quickly build a landing page and close sales right from the same app.

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