Get ChatWork notifications for new or moved Trello cards

Managing tasks within the team is challenging because individuals have different ways to manage their tasks. The ChatWork and Trello integration is one solution to increase collaboration between your team members. When you add new cards on Trello, Zapier automatically sends a message to ChatWork’s groupchat, so all group members are notified about the task.


##How it works:

  1. A new card is created on Trello
  2. Zapier creates a new task on ChatWork


  1. 連携したいTrelloアカウントと特定のボードを指定します
  2. 通知を送りたいチャットワークのグループチャットを指定します
  3. 指定したTrelloのボードに新しいタスクが追加されると、Zapierがチャットワークにメッセージを送ります。

##What you need:

  • ChatWork account
  • Trello account
Get ChatWork notifications for new or moved Trello cards
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