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Matthew Guay
Reviewed by Matthew Guay
Last updated October 29, 2014

Apps tend to put similar things together. All contacts here, all emails there, all to-dos in another place. That works for simple things, but can quickly break down—after all, your screenshots likely don't belong with your vacation pictures, even if they're both photo files.

And so it goes with your contacts. Everyone you know isn't a lead—some are your suppliers, others are journalists that have covered your company in the past, and still more are former customers or employees that you'd like to stay in touch with. Treating them all as a lead would be nonsense.

That's the genius of Capsule. It realizes that contacts—and opportunities, and deals, and everything else—aren't simple. If you're going to manage all of your contacts and relationships in one app, you need something that accounts for the differences between them all. For that, Capsule chose lists.

The list of contacts or cases in Capsule will look much like you'd expect: a long list of everything you've added. Journalists beside leads, the deal you need to work on far underneath the ones your colleagues are working on. So you'll want to create a list. You can pick from any of the possible options in the CRM—tags, name, date updated, or anything else including custom fields—and then specify what you're looking for. Add as many conditions as you need to filter through the mess. Soon enough, you'll have detailed lists that'll automatically update with the contacts and more that you need to focus on.

It's not all just lists and lists, though. Capsule also has a unique navigation bar at the top that shows icons for the sections you'll need most—contacts, calendar, cases, and more—along with text links to the contacts, cases and more that you've accessed most recently. They're auto-generated bookmarks, of a sort, for the stuff you need the most. That makes it quick to jump back and forth between the things you're currently working on.

But a lot of your work will likely happen outside the CRM. That's why it's integrated with Google Apps, so you can send emails and contact info to your CRM right from Gmail, or jump to a contacts' card from the bottom of an email from them. There's also social media integration, so you'll be able to see the most recent thing that contact said on Twitter—a great way to jumpstart your conversation with them the next time you talk.

With a newly refreshed design that's ready for retina displays and even even simpler than before, Capsule's a great app to consider if you want a way to manage all of your company's contacts in one place. You can keep everything in one place, and still easily cut through the mess and find the people and deals you need to work on.

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Capsule CRM Features

  • Detailed contacts view shows your last contact time front-and-center
  • Group contacts into lists
  • Manage tasks along with your contacts
  • Integrations with a number of popular apps
  • iOS and Android apps

Capsule CRM Pricing

  • Free for up to 2 users
  • $12/user/month Professional plan

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Capsule is an online CRM for managing contacts, tasks and sales opportunities. Add tasks, track communication logs, and close deals in your pipeline faster with Capsule.