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How to Get Started with Capsule

About the Capsule CRM Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: Non-admin Capsule CRM user can integrate with Zapier but is limited to the scope assigned to their account (i.e. updating records that don't belong to them
  • Paid/versioned account: Both Free and Paid Capsule CRM plans can integrate with Zapier
  • Custom field support: Supported for the actions but not yet for most triggers
  • Partner’s Documentation:

Connecting with Capsule CRM#

To get started with Capsule, first click to connect a Capsule account in your zap.

Click to add an account

This brings up a form where you fill in your account details. First you will name the account. It can be named anything you want; it is only used to help you identify the account inside of Zapier. Next, provide the URL you use to login to Capsule.

Provide Zapier your Capsule account details

To find your API Auth Token inside of Capsule, first go to your preferences.

Access capsule preferences

Then click the API Auth Token link in the menu on the right.

Go to API Auth Token Page

Your key is prominently displayed in the box.

Locate your API Key in Capsule

When you are finished, you will now have your Capsule account connected!

Your Capsule account is authorized

Common Problems with Capsule

Received an error about missing Party id or email#

Several of the actions in Capsule have a couple form fields that look like this:

Party ID form fields

To successfully use these actions, your Zap needs to fill in one of those two fields (if you fill in both, the email will be used). Most of the time you will want to use the email field since it is unlikely your trigger will have the id generated by Capsule.

Simply map an email address field from your trigger that corresponds to the person or organization email address in Capsule, and you will be all set!

When sending date strings from Capsule, some return null data.#

Tasks can populate with dueDate or dueDateTime keys, depending on the details of how the task was created/what type of task you are using.

You can use the Formatter tool to Pick From A List to mitigate this: ""

'Invalid value for custom field' error on 'Create Contact' action#

There's a 250 character limit on custom text fields in Capsule CRM. ""

To resolve this, you can remove this value and map it into the 'About' field which has a higher character limit. Or follow up the ‘Create Contact’ action with an ‘Add Note’ action, and then add the content into a new note.

Some of my custom fields don't show up on the Create Contact action#

Please check if whether it's a custom field set here: or whether it's associated with a DataTag here: https://YOUR

If it is a DataTag, we can't retrieve it because CapsuleCRM only loads those custom fields when the associated party tag is chosen on the contact record (in other words, because no tag is set on an empty contact, we can't bring those fields in).

DataTags look like this: ""

These fields need to be recreated as Custom Fields, like so: ""

Once they're set as Custom Fields (and not DataTag Custom Fields), they will appear on the Create Contact step.

Popular Things to do with Capsule

Import sales opportunities from Google Sheets into Capsule CRM

Google Sheets + Capsule CRM

Try It

Get email alerts for new Capsule tasks assigned to you

Capsule CRM + Email by Zapier

Import cases from Google Sheets into Capsule CRM

Google Sheets + Capsule CRM

Post won Capsule CRM opportunities to Slack

Capsule CRM + Slack

Add new Capsule CRM contacts to Jumplead

Capsule CRM + Jumplead

Add new Jumplead contacts to Capsule CRM

Jumplead + Capsule CRM

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