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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated January 27, 2015

It's so easy to get started sending email updates to your friends, fans, and early customers just by sending an email to yourself and adding everyone else in the BCC field. But that'll only work for so long. Once you're emailing over a hundred people, you'll need another solution for sending your messages. And Campayn just might be one of the easiest options for you to switch to.

All email marketing tools let you import contacts, at least from a spreadsheet or another email marketing list, but Campayn is built with the assumption that you might have just been using your standard email app to send emails. It'll let you import your contacts directly from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, and start sending your new email newsletters to everyone you've already been emailing.

Then, Campayn makes it almost as easy to send email newsletters to everyone on your list as it is to send a single message in your email app. You'll see your most recent emails and drafts on the dashboard when you sign in, ready for you to open, edit, and send on their way. Or, just tap the red New Email button to write a new message. You'll then select a theme, add your email's name, then go through the steps you need to make your emails one-by-one. You'll even add your email's text, images and other content right inside the template you picked, so you'll know how your email will look without having to send it to yourself.

Adding your email content is easier in Campayn, too. You can save your own images and articles in Campayn, then insert them into your emails and reuse them anytime you want. Or, you can quickly add merge fields from a menu, without having to remember any code, so Campayn can customize your emails with your contacts' names, locations and more. There's even segmenting tools, so you can split your contacts into related lists and send the best message to everyone.

You'll want to grow your email lists beyond your Gmail and Yahoo! Mail contacts, and Campayn can help with that, too. There's a form tool that's as easy to use as the email designer, so you can make signup forms that'll let people signup for your latest newsletters. Or, you can use Campayn's iOS app to add new contacts to your account on the go. Then, you can pick from the emails you've already sent, and schedule them to be automatically sent to your new subscribers to get them up to date on your latest content.

You're not the only one with something to say, though, so Campayn is designed to let your entire team send emails. You can add all of your team members, choose what they're allowed to see and do in the app, and share your articles, images, templates and other content to let everyone send emails easily. You could even use it to let every branch of your business send emails from the same Campayn subscription, letting them all reuse company templates and content while sending personalized emails for the people in their area. It's a simple email service to get started with, one that can easily grow with your company's needs.

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Campayn Features

  • Easily send mobile-ready email newsletters
  • Simple designer to customize emails and forms
  • Store articles and photos to reuse in emails
  • Autoresponders to send drip emails
  • User accounts to let team members send messages
  • iOS app to view stats and add subscribers on the go

Campayn Pricing

  • Free for sending up to 20k emails to 2k contacts
  • $10/month for unlimited emails to 1k contacts
  • $20/month for unlimited emails to 3.5k contacts
  • $25/month for unlimited emails to 5k contacts
  • $40/month for unlimited emails to 10k contacts

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