Add a specific Twitter users tweets to a Buffer queue

If your organisation uses Twitter, you can easily repost tweets from specific Twitter users to your other social media sites by using Buffer. Zapier can automatically capture tweets from a specific user and create new items in a Buffer queue without copying and pasting. Once you set up this Twitter to Buffer integration, new tweets from a user from that point forward are individually added as new items in a Buffer queue. As a result you can spread your message farther.

How It Works

  1. A new tweet is posted by a specific user in Twitter
  2. Zapier adds the content as a new item in a Buffer queue

What You Need

  • A Twitter account
  • A Buffer account
Add a specific Twitter users tweets to a Buffer queue
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Twitter is the social network that shows what's happening around the world in real time. Share your ideas in Tweets, follow hashtags to keep up with trends, and join in the global conversation.

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Buffer is an easier way to share to social networks. Easily add great articles, pictures and videos to your Buffer and we automagically share them for you through the day!

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