Create Beeminder datapoints for RSS feed items

If you're looking for ways to be consistent with your RSS feed posts, this Zap can help you stay organized and motivated by automatically tracking everything on Beeminder for you. Just set it up and let it go to work, triggering with each new item posted to the RSS feed you indicate and adding a datapoint on Beeminder for each and every one from then on.

How It Works

  1. A new item is posted to an RSS feed
  2. Zapier automatically creates a datapoint on Beeminder

What You Need

  • Beeminder account
Create Beeminder datapoints for RSS feed items
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RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers. You'll find RSS feeds in almost every app imaginable.

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Beeminder is a goal-tracking tool with teeth. Use Zapier to send Beeminder data and let Beeminder plot your progress on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal. Keep all your datapoints on the road and Beeminder will always be free. Go off the road and you (literally) pay the price.

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