Subscribe new Survey Funnel leads to an AWeber list

Using surveys is one of the best ways to connect with new leads and identify their biggest challenge so you can solve it. This Zap can speed things up. Whenever someone fills out your Survey Funnel survey, it can automatically subscribe them to your Aweber list so you can keep in touch and share details via email that will help solve that lead's problems.

Note: This Zapier automation only subscribes new leads from Survey Funnel. People who completed the survey before this automation was turned on will not be subscribed in Aweber.

How this Survey Funnel-Aweber integration works

  1. Someone completes your Survey Funnel survey
  2. Zapier subscribes them to your list on Aweber

Apps involved

  • Survey Funnel
  • AWeber
Subscribe new Survey Funnel leads to an AWeber list
Survey Funnel integration logo

Survey Funnel creates automated survey funnels for your marketing so that you can segment leads as they opt in and send their data to your CRM.

AWeber integration logo

AWeber provides professional email marketing software and services. AWeber's easy signup forms and autoresponders make it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers.

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