Turn Wistia visitor emails into Autopilot contacts

Don't lose potential customers again when you use this Wistia to Autopilot automation. Set it up, and Zapier will turn your visitor emails from Wistia, into Autopilot contacts. Improve your sales and expand your marketing reach with this integration!

How It Works

  1. New visitor email is collected in Wistia
  2. Zapier creates a new contact in Autopilot

What You Need

  • Wistia account
  • Autopilot account
Turn Wistia visitor emails into Autopilot contacts
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Wistia makes it easy to track and measure video engagement online. Upload your own videos to Wistia's professional video hosting services and let them take care of the rest.

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Autopilot is visual marketing software for automating customer journeys, to help companies acquire and nurture leads through email, web, SMS and direct mail.

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