Post GitLab commit changes to an AnywhereWorks stream

Set up this integration to inform your team about commit changes that have been merged. Once active, any new GitLab commit changes will be posted as a message to the chosen stream inside AnywhereWorks.

How this GitLab - AnywhereWorks integration works

  1. A commit change is made in your GitLab repository.
  2. This integration triggers a message on your behalf to a chosen stream in AnywhereWorks.

What you need

  1. GitLab Account
  2. AnywhereWorks Account
Post GitLab commit changes to an AnywhereWorks stream
GitLab integration logo

GitLab is an open source code collaboration tool with a rich feature set including management of repositories, reviewing tools, issue tracking, activity feeds and much more.

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AnywhereWorks is an online platform that makes team collaboration and communication simple for your business. Built to empower teams to connect from anywhere, your team can collaborate via audio/video calls, status feed updates, group and 1:1 chats, and file sharing features.

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