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According to our customer support friends over at Help Scout, 80% of customers would pay more for better customer support. That's right, good customer support pays.

These Zaps will help you and your team provide better and faster customer support.

Create a Public Help Desk with a Web Form

You know the drill. You don't want to give away a personal email address for support, but you need a way for customers to file support requests. A pretty straightforward way to handle this is to create a support form via Wufoo and then create tickets in your help desk of choice such as Zendesk.

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Create Developer Issues from Support Tickets

Sometimes a support issue requires more research than the front line support team can handle and requires a technical support team member to be roped in. Usually this means pulling that team member into a discussion outside of their normal work environment.

With a Zap like the Zendesk ticket to GitHub issue Zap you can easily create issues for a developer where they are used to working rather than forcing them to go elsewhere.

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Create Email List for Feature Requests

It's inevitable that customers will start requesting certain features that you don't support today, but will support in the future. It's all too easy to implement the features, but then forget who requested it or never follow up.

You can easily use this Desk to MailChimp Zap that will save Desk users to a MailChimp list when they do things like comment on a specific feature request on your site.

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Get Alerts for Important Tickets

If you have a small team with wildly varying expertise or don't have 24/7 support it's important that you get alerted for new users who are having issues since you may not be checking your help desk all the time.

You can easily get HipChat alerts from Help Scout tickets and solve the problem of being on top of relevant tickets to you.

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Remind Yourself When Your Support Shift Begins

If you aren't a full time support person, if you have variable support shift, or if you're on call routinely, it can be easy to lose track of time and forget when your support duty shift begins.

You can easily make Google Calendar and Twilio your friend and set up a simple schedule to text you when your support shift is about to start.

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Save Olark Transcripts for Analysis

If you have live chat on your site, you likely are doing quite a bit of support each day. When the day ends those transcripts have lots of value in them, but most of us leave them sitting and never go back and look at them or analyze them.

An easy way to get started with this is to save your Olark transcripts as Basecamp todos which will remind you to follow up later on the chat.

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Save Live Chatters to CRM

Live chat is a great way to do sales with potential customers. The problem is once they stop chatting with you either via live chat or email you don't have the customer's contact info somewhere for further nurturing.

With the Olark to Zoho CRM zap you can easily save your chatters to Zoho CRM for further follow up.

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Save Live Chatters to Email List

If you have Olark on your site you likely will chat with a bunch of leads either via chat or through your away message email. The problem is, once they leave following back up with those chatters is hard.

With the Olark to MailChimp zap you can easily save your chatters to a specific MailChimp list for easy follow up later.

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