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how-to-integrate-crm primary img

CRM integration: How to get the most out of your investment

CRM integration: How to get the most out of your investment In the not too distant past, the primary way to document customer interactions was paper. Logs, receipts, and huge 3-ring binders were the norm.

By Chris Hawkins

6 min read

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6 Microsoft Teams features Zoom doesn't have

Two years ago, I didn't know what Zoom was. Now, it's where we all spend a good chunk of our time. Microsoft, which owns Skype, noticed.

By Justin Pot

4 min read

Hero image of a man looking at a database on the screen

Spreadsheets aren't databases—stop using them like one

Sometimes a spreadsheet isn't enough. Sure, they're quick to create, but they have limits—and those limits have consequences.

By Katie Redderson-Lear

3 min read

ask-zapier primary img

Ask Zapier: Our automation advice column

Whether you're just starting to think about automation or you're an old pro looking to expand what you let the computers handle for you, we're here to help.

By Janine Anderson

1 min read

A hero image for Airtable app tips with the Airtable logo on a red background

By Kim Kadiyala

5 min read

Hero image of a drawing of a person with an octopus on their face saying "Sup"

An octopus attached to my face

Ever made a mistake? Me neither. Obviously. But hypothetically, were I to make a mistake, I imagine it would prompt terrible thoughts.

By Katie Redderson-Lear

5 min read

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