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Articles tagged "Security"

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A man works on a manufacturing line.

How a manufacturing tech company uses Zapier to support SOC 2 and other security workflows

Facilitating SOC 2 compliance, or compliance with other systems, takes work—and meticulous attention to detail. By adding Zapier to their software and processes, Poka created a system that minimized risk and human error.

By Janine Anderson

5 min read

Hero image with the icons of the best password managers

The 4 best password managers in 2022

I spent a few days testing every viable password manager on the market, and here are the four best.

By Harry Guinness

11 min read

A hero image with a shield icon representing security

By Elisa Silverman

7 min read

How to Force a Public Wi-Fi Network Login Page to Open hero

By Matthew Guay

7 min read

A hero image for Google app tips with the Google logo

By Justin Pot

2 min read

Hero image of a bunch of different sized YubiKeys

Why our VPN doesn't use passwords

You might not believe me, but security teams really do want to help make security as simple as possible for you. Seriously.

By Marcus Young

5 min read

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