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Maintain data privacy compliance with iubenda

By Krystina Martinez · August 22, 2023
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You don't want to annoy your leads with marketing emails they didn't sign up for—or worse, violate legal regulations. Iubenda helps businesses ensure their websites, apps, and marketing efforts comply with data privacy regulations worldwide. 

You don't have to have a roster of data privacy lawyers on speed dial. From website cookie consents to opt-out trackers, iubenda captures the appropriate consent required by law in the countries you operate in. And when the regulations change? iubenda lets you know, so you can quickly adjust your website or app.

But how do you ensure your marketing consent records are accurate? Fortunately, you can create a simple Zap (our word for our automated workflows) that automatically creates iubenda consent agreements when you have a new Mailchimp subscriber so you can track compliance in real time. 

The challenge: Your email marketing targets a global customer base, complicating compliance with various countries' data privacy regulations.

The solution: Automatically track opt-ins and opt-outs in iubenda whenever you have a new subscriber in Mailchimp.

An automated workflow that automatically creates iubenda consent agreements for new Mailchimp subscribers.

Ready to try it yourself? To get started with a Zap template—our pre-made workflows—just click on it, and we'll guide you through the set-up process. It only takes a few minutes.

Create consent agreements in iubenda for new Mailchimp subscribers

Create consent agreements in iubenda for new Mailchimp subscribers
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Mailchimp + iubenda

Zap difficulty: Beginner

Top tip: Need to capture consent agreements from your existing Mailchimp subscribers? You can use Zapier Transfer to move data in bulk to iubenda, so you migrate records quickly and accurately.

This is just the start of all that you can do with iubenda and Zapier. Zapier supports thousands of apps so you can automate almost any task at work. Start building your Zap now with iubenda, and see what you can create. 

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