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Senta: App spotlight

App of the day

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Senta: App spotlight

How this app makes accounting easy

By Ellie Huizenga · April 28, 2021
Senta app logo on a blue background.

If you're like me, the moment you hear the word accounting, you begin to shut down because you're not a numbers person. But if you're running a business, things like payroll, tax returns, contracts, budgets, and subscriptions are numbers that demand your attention.

Whether it comes naturally or not, finding ways to easily manage your bookkeeping is a must. Fortunately, Senta takes that sentiment to heart.

Senta origins: Going further with cloud-based software

Cloud-based software revolutionized the way that businesses can streamline efficiency. And as it became more accessible, it opened up a world where you didn't need to have physical copies in your office (or data storage on one specific computer). Instead, you could access the features of that software anywhere you had internet access. 

Enter: Senta. Started in 2014, Senta founders wanted to make it easier to keep track of payments in all capacities. They did this by creating a cloud-based customer relationship manager (CRM) focused on making your accounting smoother, less time-consuming, and scalable—all with a client-first approach. 

Did you know? Every time a client converts into a paying customer, Senta plants a tree. Plus, they've automated this process with a Zap (our automatic workflows)—when a sign-up turns into a paying customer, it triggers an action to plant a tree with MoreTrees. 

Senta in action: Bookkeeping that keeps both you and your client in mind

Voted practice management software of the year in 2019, Senta provides the unique combination of being both a CRM and workflow automation software. Senta workflows allow you to interact seamlessly with prospects, stay up to date on your tasks, and easily manage your client communications.

Started in the U.K., Senta now operates in over 25 countries. With Senta, you can power up your accounting or bookkeeping practice through email and SMS automation, document management, financial insights, real-time data integration, and more. 

Fave feature: Electronic document signing allows clients to easily sign contracts and other documents without third-party software. Bonus, secure document exchange is ensured at Senta, so you never have to worry about security risks. 

Acceleration through automation: Popular Senta workflows

Senta will help you minimize repetitive tasks in your accounting practice with their customizable workflows and customer management features. By pairing Zapier and Senta together, you can go even further by creating workflows—called Zaps—that automate work across your other platforms. Here are a few of our most popular workflows to get you started: 

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Ellie Huizenga

Ellie Huizenga is a content specialist at Zapier based in Phoenix, AZ. When she's not working, you'll find her in the mountains either downhill skiing or on a new hike.

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