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Katana: App spotlight

App of the day

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Katana: App spotlight

How this app helps you streamline your manufacturing

By Ellie Huizenga · July 2, 2021
Katana app logo on a gray background.

No matter how you look at it, creating an efficient manufacturing process is a must—but that doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, managing all the moving parts of your business is tough. From inventory management to sales tracking, there's a lot that can slip through the cracks. 

Fortunately, Katana, a manufacturing resource planning (MRP) tool, gives you visibility and control into your inventory, sales, and beyond. 

Katana origins: Rethinking the manufacturing management process

The founders of Katana believed that no industry should be left behind in the digital age—and modern-day manufacturers needed an operating system that could keep up with their growth. Thus, Katana was born.

Beginning as a small team of about six, Katana built its first prototype in June of 2017. Less than a year later, Kantana went live in early 2018. Starting just as an inventory management tool, Katana evolved into software built to give you clarity and control over inventory, plus sales and production—all in one place.

Did you know? Currently, Katana is the only MRP selected as a Shopify Plus certified partner.

Katana today: An end-to-end manufacturing solution 

While their first clients were based in the U.S., Katana now operates in over 60 countries (and counting). Today, Katana makes the end-to-end manufacturing process smoother by giving you insight into the information you need across all stages of your manufacturing flow. With Katana, you can boost your efficiency and align your teams with features like live inventory management, real-time master planning, total shop floor control, purchase order management, production planning, and more.

By integrating with top accounting software, payment platforms, customer management systems, and more, Katana also automates data flow between the services you use most.

Fave feature: Katana makes it easy for you to select and use multiple currencies so you can automatically convert sales order values and get accurate sales data. 

Acceleration through automation: Popular Katana workflows

By pairing Zapier and Katana together, you can streamline your manufacturing process even more by creating automated workflows—called Zaps—that streamline work across all your platforms. Here are a few of our most popular workflows to get you started: 

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Ellie Huizenga

Ellie Huizenga is a content specialist at Zapier based in Phoenix, AZ. When she's not working, you'll find her in the mountains either downhill skiing or on a new hike.

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