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App Spotlight: involve.me

How this app lets you create personalized customer experiences

By Elena Alston · February 20, 2023

It's no secret that competition is fierce when it comes to content marketing. Particularly when customers are seeking personalized experiences more than ever. So: how do you personalize those touchpoints and make sure you're engaging your customers every step of the way?

The answer may lie in interactive content. 

In fact, 88% of marketers who've incorporated interactive content into their marketing strategy say that it sets them apart from the competition. 

That's where involve.me comes in. involve.me is a user engagement and customer experience platform that allows businesses to turn their audience into customers through personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey—be it through quizzes, personality tests, surveys, and even pricing calculators. 

involve.me origins: From VR to interactive landing pages

In 2016, Vlad Gozman wanted to launch a virtual reality content management system. To fund its development, Vlad landed agency work for an international brand. 

He was asked to create multiple interactive landing pages with quiz-based giveaways to capture contacts. After lowering costs by automating parts of the process, he started to see the potential for an actual product. 

The real cincher came when he realized he could build a tool with better design and functionality requirements. 

Did you know? Gozman initially set involve.me up as a free service and advertised it through a Google ads campaign. After it began to make money, involve.me was officially launched in 2019. 

involve.me today: Converting audience to engaged customers

Today, involve.me is used by businesses worldwide, from Salesforce to Bloomberg, to create interactive content throughout every touchpoint in the customer journey. 

You can create personalized journeys by building landing pages, widgets, and pop-ups with a drag-and-drop builder via customizable forms, surveys, a calculator, and quiz features. You can get more leads, automate qualification, accept payments online, and move deals through the pipeline faster. 

Fave feature: involve.me lets you track data and behaviors in depth, including abandoned shopping carts and other buyer data, so you can lower abandonment rates. 

Automate your forms and surveys: Popular involve.me workflows 

Unlock even more value from your forms and surveys by connecting involve.me with Zapier and automating workflows across all your apps. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

Subscribe new involve.me leads to a Mailchimp list

Subscribe new involve.me leads to a Mailchimp list
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involve.me + Mailchimp

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