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Articles that mention "Slack"

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A hero image featuring the logos for Slack and Zapier

The best automations for Slack users

Slack is a great way to coordinate. It can also be a great place to get information about your business in realtime—if you set up the right automations.

By Justin Pot

5 min read

The logos for Slack and Google Calendar

How to let people invite themselves to your calendar events using a Slack reaction

Streamline how you host events—giving you back time in your day.

By Stacie Taylor

3 min read

A bell icon

By Ellie Huizenga

3 min read

The logos for Schedule and Slack.

How to automatically send daily reminders to Slack

Respond to your emails. Go take your lunch break. Fill out your daily timesheet. These are just a few of the things you have to do on a daily basis.

By Krystina Martinez

5 min read

Hero image of the Google Calendar logo connected to the Slack logo.

How to send a reminder in Slack for Google Calendar events

By Ellie Huizenga

4 min read

Rev and Google Docs icons on an orange background

How to automatically create Rev transcripts

Keeping track of and sharing video transcripts can be tricky. Use Zapier to automatically upload Rev transcripts to Google Docs and share them with your team.

By Matt Haughey

5 min read

A hero image for Slack app tips with the Slack logo on a purple background

How to hyperlink in Slack

Everyone seems to find themselves fumbling with hyperlinks in Slack, but it's almost magic how easy it is. There are two main ways to do it.

By Deb Tennen

1 min read

A woman works on a laptop while wearing headphones.

How automation helps me subcontract work as a freelance writer

Discover how to grow your freelance business with the help of automation.

By Afoma Umesi

6 min read

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