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How no-code tools let me automate my small business

We set up a simple, replicable way to capture sales leads, automatically schedule appointments, correspond with prospects, and create and manage critical documents. Zapier ties all our tools together and keeps us focused on high-value strategy.

By Dan Meehan

5 min read

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By Krystina Martinez

6 min read

A hero image for Airtable app tips with the Airtable logo on a red background

By Kim Kadiyala

5 min read

Hero image of a man looking at a database on the screen

Spreadsheets aren't databases—stop using them like one

Sometimes a spreadsheet isn't enough. Sure, they're quick to create, but they have limits—and those limits have consequences.

By Katie Redderson-Lear

3 min read

Hero image with the LinkedIn logo connected by dots to the logos of Slack, HubSpot, and ActiveCampaign

By Krystina Martinez

3 min read

Hero image with the WooCommerce logo connected by dots to the logos of Email by Zapier, ActiveCampaign, and QuickBooks

5 ways to automate your WooCommerce store

Though eCommerce apps like WooCommerce make it easy to open your own shop, it's still a lot of work to manage orders and keep business running smoothly.

By Krystina Martinez

3 min read

Hero image with the ContentCal logo connected by dots to the logos of Buffer, Pocket, and Airtable

4 ways to execute your social media strategy with ContentCal

I could never be a social media manager because the anxiety would eat me alive.

By Krystina Martinez

2 min read

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