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How to Build an Editorial Calendar That Will Boost Your Productivity

Emily Irish / April 13, 2017

If you run a blog, magazine, newspaper, YouTube channel, or content marketing team, an editorial calendar is an absolute must. But maybe you’ve seen some terrifying editorial calendars—physical calendars filled with chicken-scratch, giant spreadsheets full of jargon, or a Google Calendar that’s never updated.

There are a...

How to Keep Your Team on Track with a Simple Editorial Calendar

Emily Irish / April 13, 2017

When you’re building an editorial calendar, sometimes the simplest way is the best way. And the simplest layout? A calendar. With this basic layout, your team can track content publish dates and promotions. You could include post descriptions and links in the calendar descriptions, but for the most part...

Manage Your Content Calendar Workflow More Efficiently with Kanban Boards

Emily Irish / April 13, 2017

Want to be able to tell at a glance where every piece in your content queue stands? Need an editorial calendar that will help your team manage everything from ideas to drafts to finished content, with space to store all the details without being overwhelming? A kanban board might be...

Keep Your Content on Track with a Task Management Content System

Emily Irish / April 13, 2017

Are there a lot of writers, editors, and managers involved in your content process? Or is your team small, perhaps burdened with other priorities besides content? In either case, a task management editorial calendar might be best for you. This approach to editorial calendars is slightly rarer, simply because there...

Mission Control for Your Content: How to Use Spreadsheets for Your Editorial Calendar

Emily Irish / April 12, 2017

Spreadsheets are infinitely flexible. That's why they're the original killer app—they can manage anything from a corporation's finances to your personal budget. And they're great for text, too.

Your next editorial calendar could be in a spreadsheet. Its layout offers endless opportunity to track articles...

Manage Your G Suite Data

Matthew Guay / April 11, 2017

It's exciting to get a new G Suite or Gmail account, with the email address you've wanted for so long. The only thing missing is, well, everything from your old account. All those emails you've sent over the past years and contacts you've accumulated shouldn't...

How to Make a Multiple-Column Website with Google Sites' Hidden Menu

Matthew Guay / April 10, 2017

The newly redesigned Google Sites is a great place to start a website for free. In minutes, you can add text and images, embed documents and maps, and share it with a customized link—though not on your own domain name yet.

It's far easier to use than the...

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Advanced Search

Danny Schreiber / April 7, 2017

Whether or not you've signed up for Twitter, you have the power to perform detailed queries on the endless stream of Tweets by using the site's Advanced Search. The feature isn't behind a login and it doesn't take long to learn a few tricks to make...

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Ashley Hockney / April 6, 2017

LinkedIn recently launched a new solution–Lead Gen Forms–that allows you to capture quality leads using forms that are pre-filled with LinkedIn profile data. This presents new and powerful opportunities for marketers, growth hackers, and advertising experts alike.

With this solution, we’d like to break down how Lead Gen Forms...

Two-Factor Authentication: A Security System for Your Digital Life

Matthew Guay / April 6, 2017

Most of us carefully protect our most important objects. We lock our homes with a deadbolt, perhaps invest in a security system or store valuables in a safe with its own lock and key, and make sure our cars are locked with the alarm turned on. We might even be...