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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking: 5 Tips from the Pros

Payman Taei / January 3, 2017

Like most people, at one time in my life I was terrified of public speaking.

I remember one moment particularly clearly. My classmates were waiting for me to read a paper I’d written—an experience, I’m sure, many remember from high school and college. While a part of...

Download Hundreds of Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft

Melanie Pinola / January 2, 2017

Want to improve your tech skills or advance your career this year? eBooks are a great way to learn something new, and this huge collection from MSDN covers a broad range of computer topics, from tips on using Microsoft Office to programming mobile apps.

Although you might not need or...

5 Steps to Tweak Your Software for More Productive Work

Matthew Guay / December 29, 2016

Computers help us be more productive. But they're also perhaps the most distracting devices ever invented.

The first personal computers were little more than a blank screen with a terminal where you'd type in text commands. Each year, some new feature would be added that'd make them...

The Science of Background Noise and the Best Sound Apps for Work, Sleep, and Relaxation

Stephen Altrogge / December 27, 2016

In our increasingly buzzing, dinging, horn-honking world, it can be really difficult to find a quiet space. Whether you’re working in an office with chatty coworkers or from home surrounded by noisy children, finding a place to think, concentrate, and get things done can be extraordinarily challenging.

When the...

Year in Review: Our 16 Most Popular Productivity and Apps Posts of 2016

Melanie Pinola / December 23, 2016

Did you hear that? That's the sound of 2016 whooshing by. We can't believe it's almost the new year either. Before it ends, though, we wanted to take a look back and share the most popular blog posts we've published in 2016.

This year, we posted...

Keystone Habits: Improve All Areas of Your Life with One Small Habit

Belle Cooper / December 22, 2016

Not all habits are created equal. Some will have a much bigger effect on your life. These "high return" habits are often called keystone habits, and if you're going to adopt only one new habit, it should be one of these.

Writer Mark Manson describes keystone habits as "compounding...

Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meetings, Projects, and Events

Melanie Pinola / December 21, 2016

Microsoft OneNote is a fantastic, versatile note-taking tool. One of its best features–at least if you're using the Windows version–is page templates. With templates, you can have a consistent look for all the pages in your notebooks, and you can easily replicate notebooks for things like meeting notes and...

How We Retreat: Zapier's Favorite Team-Building Games

Melanie Pinola / December 19, 2016

Because Zapier is a completely remote team, our semi-annual retreats are a pretty big deal for us. 351 days of the year, most of us on the 50+ person team never interacts with another teammate in person. Which is great, because it gives us flexibility to work in our optimal...

4 Typeform Tricks to Simplify Any Workflow from Gift-Giving to Content Marketing

Carlin Sack / December 16, 2016

Before you make any decision, whether it's starting a new business or changing up a tried-and-true strategy, you collect all the data you can. The more data you have at your fingertips, the better decision you'll make. Gathering that info is the most essential part your workflow, but...

Marketing Automation Secrets: 50 Ways Experts Use Zapier

Ashley Hockney / December 15, 2016

As marketers, we are creative yet analytical. We write, reach out to, and connect with our audiences–crafting stories that can be shared and spread. We know our tribe best: what they love, what they hate, and their pain points. But in solving theirs, we also find our own: We could...