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Vision6 makes this a possibility with its deep SMS and social network integration. It treats SMS and email messages the same, and lets you schedule companion social network posts to go along with your email newsletters. That way, instead of having to also craft a blog post with the same content and share it on social networks manually, you write once and reach your contacts everywhere.

When you login to Vision6, you'll see quick options to send an email, SMS message, or add contacts. Select the former, and Vision6 will show you a number of built-in templates to choose from, or any of the templates you've made and added for your business. Pick the best one for this message, then you'll be sent to the designer where you can drag-and-drop email sections, type in your text, add images and more, and enter social network updates to share the email when it's being sent. Then, all that's left is to add a subject, select the list it'll be sent to, and your update will be sent out.

Before you send it, though, you can also test your email to make sure it'll look great. Vision6 includes a free preview of how your email will look in Gmail and Outlook, or you can pay to have it tested in nearly every email app, mobile device and service available. It'll even test to see how your email will look in old versions of Android, enterprise apps like Lotus Notes, and how color blind users will see it, so you'll know your email will look everywhere. Then, you can segment your audience into groups easily in a spreadsheet-like view that makes it easy to organize and categorize your contacts, to make sure you send the email with an appropriate message or style to each contact.

Vision6 makes it even easier to send SMS messages, either ad-hoc or to a whole list, since there's no templates to fuss with there. And, you can use both emails and SMS messages with Vision6' autoresponder tool that'll send messages on regular times (say, your contacts birthdays) or when certain events happen (say, when they purchase your product). There's even a tool to create polls in addition to the standard forms that most email apps offer to help you gather new leads.

If you're looking for a way to combine email, mobile, and social network marketing, and gather leads in unique ways via polls and more, Vision6 is a great email marketing tool to consider. It's also a great option if your company's Australian and you'd like to use a local option, or need an email app that's GITC certified for Australian security.

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