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Connect Vervoe to 2,000+ Apps

  • Get Slack notifications for every completed assessment in Vervoe

    Vervoe + Slack

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  • Send email messages when candidates complete assessments in Vervoe

    Vervoe + Gmail

  • Get SMS notifications when candidates complete a Talent Trial in Vervoe

    Vervoe + SMS by Zapier

  • Send Slack messages for new extend deadlines in Vervoe

    Vervoe + Slack

  • Send Gmail emails for new extended deadlines in Vervoe

    Vervoe + Gmail

Vervoe Integration Details

The following Vervoe Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantAssessment Completed

Triggers when a candidate completes an assessment

InstantAssessment Started

Triggers when a candidate starts an assessment

InstantAdditional Manual Grade for Candidate

Triggers when another user grades a candidate response and the score recalculates

InstantCandidate Requests More Time

Triggers when a candidate requests additional time to complete

InstantFirst Manual Grade for Candidate

Triggers the first time a user grades a candidates response

InstantDeadline Extended

Triggers when the employer extends the assessment deadline for a candidate

InstantCandidate Rejected

Triggers when employer rejects a candidate

InstantComments on Candidate Card

Triggers when a user adds a comment to the candidate's card


Invite Candidates

Invites the candidates

Connect Vervoe to 2,000+ Apps