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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated January 28, 2015

There's people interested in your business, and you need a simple way to get their contact info, send them quick info about your company and products, and then be able to update everyone with your latest announcements and promotions. VerticalResponse provides just that in an easy-to-use app that'll help you make forms and matching email campaigns to promote your products.

Rather than having to learn your way around a new app, with VerticalResponse you'll know immediately what to do. There's a bright orange button to start a new email campaign, which you'll select whenever you want to send an email update to everyone on your list. Along with that, there's a pink Autoresponder button to make emails that'll go out autonomically to your new subscribers, and a green Social Post button to write a message on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then, in the center of the screen, there's a list of your recent posts and drafts, so you can jump back into them easily.

VerticalResponse's contact page is equally easy to navigate. Right on the same page, you'll see your email lists, social network accounts, and signup forms, with summaries to show how many people you'll reach with each and a plus button to add new lists, subscribers or accounts. It's just about as easy to navigate as you could hope for.

Then, making emails and signup forms are both easy in VerticalResponse. There's pre-made templates with similar designs for both emails and signup forms, so you can easily get consistent branding on all of your marketing efforts. Tweaking each design is simple, with a drag-and-drop editor and fields that are easy to add to your layouts. There's even a built-in image editor with filters and other tools to make your photos look perfect in your designs.

Drip emails are typically confusing to make, but not in VerticalResponse. It simplifies its Autoresponders by making them just focused on welcome emails. You'll pick a list, select a design, then write your email and activate it. That message will then be sent out to every new subscriber you get on your list—a great way to introduce people to your products or offer them a coupon as a thanks for signing up. There's no time settings or workflows to deal with; all you'll have to do is make the message, and it'll be sent automatically.

Email's a great way to reach people, but it's far from the only way. VerticalResponse also includes social network features so you can publish to all of your Twitter and Facebook accounts whenever you want. You can write a post and publish it right away, or schedule it in advance to be published at the date and time you want. That way, you'll stay in touch with your customers via email and remind them about your company on their favorite social networks.

If you're looking for a simple way to stay in touch with the people most interested in your company, whether by email or with social networks, VerticalResponse is a great app to choose. It'll keep you from having to learn your way around a new interface, so you can instead use your time to craft beautiful emails.

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VerticalResponse Features

  • Send marketing emails with beautiful templates
  • Create signup forms with matching templates
  • Schedule social network updates on Twitter and Facebook
  • Autoresponders to welcome new signups to your lists
  • Reports that show the reach of your emails and social networks

VerticalResponse Pricing

  • Free for sending up to 4k emails to 1k contacts per month
  • From $8.80/month for unlimited emails to 500 contacts and 3 social network accounts
  • $17.60/month for unlimited emails to 1k contacts
  • $26.40/month for unlimited emails to 2.5k contacts
  • $44/month for unlimited emails to 5k contacts

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