Trustpilot Invitation from new WooCommerce Orders

Every time someone buys something from your WooCommerce powered store, you can automatically create an invitation in Trustpilot for them to give feedback on your company. No need to go back through your customer lists and do this manually, this Zap will take care of it for you.

How It Works

  1. A new order is placed in your WooCommerce store
  2. Zapier automatically creates a TrustPilot invitation for the customer who placed the order

What You Need

  1. WooCommerce installation, with Zapier Feed setup complete (documentation)
  2. TrustPilot account
Trustpilot Invitation from new WooCommerce Orders
WooCommerce integration logo

WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a fully featured eCommerce store. Send your customer and order information from WooCommerce to Zapier. Note: this service requires the WooCommerce Zapier Extension that is available for purchase on the extension store.

Trustpilot integration logo

Get real customer feedback using Trustpilot, an independent review platform. Zapier integrates seamlessly with your Trustpilot account, so you can send review invitations with ease.

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