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Integrate Trello with Tickd


Project Management
Integrate Google Sheets with Tickd

Google Sheets

Google +1Google, Spreadsheets
Integrate Google Tasks with Tickd

Google Tasks

Google +1Google, Task Management
Integrate Gmail with Tickd


Email +1Email, Google

1 Zap template

Integrate Twitter with Tickd


Social Media Accounts

1 Zap template

Integrate ClickSend SMS with Tickd

ClickSend SMS

Phone & SMS

1 Zap template

Integrate Mattermost with Tickd


Team Chat
Integrate SMSAPI with Tickd


Phone & SMS
Integrate Evernote Business with Tickd

Evernote Business

Notes +1Notes, Premium
Integrate Microsoft Teams with Tickd

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft +1Microsoft, Team Chat

1 Zap template

Integrate Microsoft To-Do with Tickd

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft +1Microsoft, Task Management

Connect Tickd to 2,000+ Apps

  • Add new Tickd tickets to Zenkit todo items

    Tickd + Zenkit

  • Send SMS via ClickSend SMS from new tickets in Tickd

    Tickd + ClickSend SMS

  • Create Google Doc reports from new Tickd tickets

    Tickd + Google Docs

  • Send channel messages in Slack from updated tickets in Tickd

    Tickd + Slack

  • Create tickets in Tickd from new emails matching search in Gmail

    Gmail + Tickd

Tickd Integration Details

The following Tickd Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:



Create a Ticket

Creates a ticket

Connect Tickd to 2,000+ Apps