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Teem is built upon three main products: Meet, Manage, and Measure. Each pertains to a suite of features that enable teams to book, manage, and release conference rooms accordingly. One notable feature is the EventBoard, a wall-mounted conference room display for iPad and Android. Using these devices, you can customize Teem to display current meeting information for that particular room. More importantly, teams can view, delete and add meetings right from the display. Teem is pretty smart too in that it eliminates no-show meetings from room schedules automatically. This way, you’ll be able to secure conference rooms that could have otherwise been left unused.

Reserving conference rooms from an interactive display is pretty cool in and of itself. You can, however, reserve rooms and book meetings through other channels. If you’re on the move, the Teem mobile app comes in handy. If you’re working right from your favorite calendar, you can use Teem’s calendar integrations to book conference rooms and send meeting invites. Finally, Teem’s web-based booking tool gives you even more options where you can see upcoming meeting room availability and insights on your team’s usage. In fact, you can even book conference rooms where you can determine which location, time, and room size can accommodate the number of attendees showing up at the meeting.

When logged in to your Teem company account, you are greeted with a detailed dashboard where you can see quick links to integrated calendars, rooms and locations, and event board devices. It also provides you with overviews of meeting room usage, visitor and employee attendance, and the account plan summary. Help is also within reach in case Teem isn’t working as expected. You’ll see a system status report to the right of the dashboard that tells you if everything is operational or otherwise. If you need to reach out to Support, all of Teem’s contact information are available for everyone who logs in.

When you’re ready to book a meeting or analyze how your teams are utilizing the workspace, click on the options from the sidebar menu to the left of the app. Manage, for example, is where you can create and manage all of the company account’s users, visitors, apps and integrations, locations, and the overall health of all of your displays. You’ll also find a cool feature called Broadcasts where you can create and display announcements, welcome messages, and other messages to display on your EventBoard.

To better understand your team’s productivity and make better management decisions, Insights is your best friend. The platform takes all of the company’s booking data and presents a visual representation of your team’s meeting behaviors, visitor attendance, room usage and amenities. Meeting behaviors tap into a meeting’s duration, meeting size, how often cancellations occur, and how many recaptured meeting hours were accumulated over a period of time.

With Teem, conference room reservations and meeting management never have to be tedious and frustrating again. Everything you need to discuss and plan important business decisions with your team is within reach.

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