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It starts when you create a new account, as ProWorkflow starts out by asking you to add your team to your projects, and then asks for your clients and the contact info for your connections at those companies. With that added, you can hit the ground running, either by adding existing projects or starting out with a quote to get new potential projects started.

Quotes are easy to build in ProWorkflow. Just choose the client for the project, and ProWorkflow will fill in all the contact fields it can by default, leaving the others blank for you to fill in manually if you'd like. Then add your line items, either with default services in your account, or with unique items for this customer. You can even add headings inside the line item section, to break down parts of the project and make the quote easier to read.

With that done, send the quote to the client, and wait for their approval. When you approve contracts, you can directly create a new project or add it to an existing project. Line items aren't carried over as tasks, but everything else comes to the new project: contact info, descriptions, and more. You can then flesh out your new project with tasks and deadlines in an outline format, organize tasks and sub-tasks along with any data you need to complete them.

Keeping your projects on schedule is always important, but especially so with client projects. ProWorkflow gives you 3 tools for that: a timesheet view for tracked time, a timeline view to schedule the full project, and a calendar view to see due dates for individual tasks. In the timesheet, you'll see a week's schedule with each day shown as a list of hours, where you can rearrange your time spent on tasks and drag time logs to shrink or extend them. The timeline gives you a gantt chart to plan the broad timeframe for projects, while the calendar shows what's coming up in the near future.

Throughout the project, you'll need to keep in touch with your contacts and keep an eye on how your entire company's work is going. The dashboard helps with the latter, showing quick graphs of your time, quotes, tasks, and more. And the Contacts tab helps with the former, with detailed contact info and space to include custom details and notes about each interaction with a contact. And adding new contacts—or projects, tasks, and anything else—is simple, as ProWorkflow takes you through each section in a new item before letting you save it, to make sure all your info is entered correctly.

Once everything in a project's done, it's time to send out the invoice—something else ProWorkflow can handle. Its integration with popular accounting apps like Xero and QuickBooks ensures you'll be able to keep up with your financial data without copying and pasting anything. Instead, you can jump right into the next project, with ProWorkflow's workflows keeping you focused on the next thing your clients need done. Learn how to tackle your most difficult projects with Zapier's new Ultimate Guide to Project Management eBook.

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