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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie Gonzaga · Last updated June 19, 2017
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Taking reservations for small businesses is as easy as taking calls and jotting names and phone numbers in a log book. Walk-in guests would only get chance openings—or could place a reservations for a later date. As your business grows, both prove unmanagable. You don't have enough time to tell everyone who walks in that you're booked full, and it's easily to accidentally double-book with paper records.

Planyo helps you move your reservation system to the cloud with a customized site for your rental service. You can create and manage reservations for hotel rooms, sports facilities, conference rooms, car rentals, and anything else you rent out—each of which are called resources in Planyo. Customers can book their best available schedules, snagging that chance opening at the last minute or planning their reservations months in advance without worrying about your team losing the booking info.

Flexibility is Planyo’s biggest strength. You can customize almost every aspect of the booking experience to fit the business and your customer base. You can, for example, create day-based or hour-based resources. You can specify the time model and pricing for each so that customers can book accordingly. Need to rent things that can be shared—perhaps pair seats in a theatre, or bunk beds in a hostel? Planyo can help you rent them individually or together, and only charges you once for that shared resource. It can then charge your customers via PayPal, and add their reservations to a flexible Availability calendar where you can toggle specific bookings for your day-based and/or hour-based resources.

Every Planyo account gets its own site ID, which is appended at the end of the Planyo URL and opens your booking page (e.g. If you own multiple properties (perhaps two hotels) or resources (maybe limo and standard car rentals), you can create a Planyo META site to manage everything under one roof. This is especially useful if each resource is run by a different manager. You’ll be assigned as the META administrator and can oversee operations within a single panel. Your customers can then place reservations for the right property or facility using Planyo's search box.

You'll also want Planyo's design for your brand. It includes site-wide customizations where you can customize templates for each resource, specifying the right min/max reservation times, assigning vacation days, building integrations, choosing the right pricing schedule, and more. If you feel overwhelmed by the process, Planyo has a Quick Setup section where a visual guide can point you to the core features you need to set up. You can continue customizing your Planyo site while accepting reservations from actual customers.

Once a reservation has been placed, odds are you'll need to save and share that reservation—perhaps to make receipts for customers, add their reservation to a team calendar, or email your facilities manager to make sure the resource is ready on time. Planyo's Zapier integrations let you connect your bookings to hundreds of apps and build automated workflows to simplify your day-to-day admin tasks and client communications so you can spend that valuable time on growing the business.

Planyo is a powerful online booking system where you can build your own rental reservation service online that fits your branding and business model. If you’re after this kind of flexibility, it's the scheduling tool your business needs to ditch that paper ledger.

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Planyo Online Booking Features

  • Create, accept, and manage reservations online

    • View reservations for day-based and hour-based resources with the Availability calendar
    • See new, upcoming, conflicting, in progress reservations from your dashboard
    • Send invoices and email notifications to your customers
    • iOS and Android apps available

Planyo Online Booking Pricing

  • Free for 10 resources and core features with a booking fee

    • From CHF 23/month (around $24/month) Planyo Pro for one resource; around CHF 3/month per additional resource
    • Commission based plan for free service with 0.5% to 1.5% commission on reservations

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Planyo is an online reservation system which can be used by any business taking bookings. It's used, amongst others, by businesses offering vacation properties, car rentals, hotels, driving schools, yacht charters, doctors and therapists, conference rooms, tennis courts, car parks, event tickets or any other bookings you could imagine.